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Introducing Bletchley Park Asset Management Solutions

Unparalleled Access to Alpha Extraction from Crypto

The Crypto industry offers a fertile environment for alpha extraction

A nascent asset

class with significant structural inefficiencies

Highly fragmented markets

Unreliable data sources

Retail driven trading volume

Evolving regulatory landscape

Trading 24/7 across globally distributed exchanges

Increasingly complex ecosystem of products

Unsophisticated risk procedures

Weak price discovery

Bletchley Park brings investors a gateway into digital assets through a safe, convenient means of exposure to a suite of innovative strategies.


Complementary, actively managed and liquid strategies exist in the Crypto market

Liquidity Provision
  • Liquidity and arbitrage   lucrative in traditional finance

  • The fragmented nature of the cryptocurrency market creates an opportunity to capture a similar risk reward profile

  • The evolving ecosystem is providing a plentiful supply of opportunities for managers to extract returns

  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile given the dominance of retail participants and use of leveraged instruments in a liquid market

  • Strategies can be implemented across various investment horizons and signals. Hold periods are generally shorter that in traditional asset classes

  • These markets provide significant opportunity for discretionary and algorithmic traders

  • Cryptocurrency valuations are based on fundamentals in the medium to long term whilst short term beta is a key driver

  • Detailed bottom-up research and analysis allows for the identification of value creation opportunities, but a robust approach to risk management is required to navigate extreme short-term volatility   

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