Introducing Bletchley Park Asset Management Solutions

Unparalleled Access to Alpha Extraction from Crypto

The Crypto industry offers a fertile environment for alpha extraction

A nascent asset

class with significant structural inefficiencies

Highly fragmented markets

Unreliable data sources

Retail driven trading volume

Evolving regulatory landscape

Trading 24/7 across globally distributed exchanges

Increasingly complex ecosystem of products

Unsophisticated risk procedures

Weak price discovery

Bletchley Park brings investors a gateway into digital assets through a safe, convenient means of exposure to a suite of innovative strategies.


The EQONEX exchange combines financial technology and traditional finance features to provide a platform in which investors can access cryptocurrencies in an environment that protects investors without sacrificing functionality

Institutional EMS platform built for institutions with a broad range of exchange partners, two top-tier PMS partners, and no hidden fees 

Products and services are not available in certain regions

Investment solutions for the crypto asset class created by an independent asset manager and adopts best practices from traditional fund management, leveraging the EQONEX ecosystem

Digital asset custody that integrates physical and virtual security, delivering a custodian that combines multiple layers of protection to provide institutions tangible solutions in an evolving world


Bletchley Park, 
part of the


The Bletchley Park Team

Shane Edwards


20 years experience in financial markets and was recently Managing Director at UBS where he ran a number of highly successful global teams which were regularly awarded the industry’s top accolades

Thomas Chladek


Led fund research desk at one of the largest Swiss private banks. Expert in niche strategies with over 20 years in fund research

Fred Bezolles


20 years experience selecting fund managers with a focus on liquid alternative space. Credit and equity derivatives background

Extensive Research & Analysis

  • Thematic research of new and emerging industry opportunities

  • Bottom-up analysis of the crypto fund ecosystem

  • Continuous due diligence, portfolio management, and monitoring

Multi-strategy Allocation

  • Three structurally independent  investment profiles:

Liquidity Provision



  • Diversified allocation within each strategy

Risk Centric Management

  • Robust oversight and control framework

  • Risk-based allocation process and sizing

  • Rule-based exposure management 

Investment Proposition

  • Risk adjusted return; Sharpe ratio >2

  • Reduced beta exposure to crypto assets

  • Aim at low correlation to other asset classes


Complementary, actively managed and liquid strategies exist in the Crypto market

Liquidity Provision
  • Liquidity and arbitrage   lucrative in traditional finance

  • The fragmented nature of the cryptocurrency market creates an opportunity to capture a similar risk reward profile

  • The evolving ecosystem is providing a plentiful supply of opportunities for managers to extract returns

  • Cryptocurrencies are volatile given the dominance of retail participants and use of leveraged instruments in a liquid market

  • Strategies can be implemented across various investment horizons and signals. Hold periods are generally shorter that in traditional asset classes

  • These markets provide significant opportunity for discretionary and algorithmic traders

  • Cryptocurrency valuations are based on fundamentals in the medium to long term whilst short term beta is a key driver

  • Detailed bottom-up research and analysis allows for the identification of value creation opportunities, but a robust approach to risk management is required to navigate extreme short-term volatility   

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